Collaborative Robot Welding: Empowering SMBs with Automation

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Collaborative Robot Welding: Empowering SMBs with Automation
BlueBay Automation, LLC, J.T. Wood

The landscape of robotic welding has witnessed a remarkable transformation, making it an accessible and viable option for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) working with metals. The emergence of collaborative robot (cobot) welding systems has revolutionized the industry, enabling manufacturers to achieve exceptional weld quality, flexibility, and a quick return on investment (ROI).  BlueBay Automation, actively staffing multiple booths during Automate 2023, had the opportunity to witness the significant advancements in cobot welding technology. In this article, we cover the benefits of collaborative robot welding for SMBs and explore the unique advantages offered by cobots equipped with a 7th axis, as exemplified by the Spartan 1 Welder showcased at Kassow Robots' booth.

Revolutionizing Robotic Welding for SMBs

Collaborative robot welding systems have shattered the barriers that once hindered SMBs from embracing robotic automation. Traditionally, large, fixed systems dominated the welding landscape, often accompanied by high costs and complex programming. However, with the advent of cobot welding systems, SMBs can now harness the power of automation to elevate their welding processes and battle the skilled labor shortage. These smaller, modular systems are adaptable to varying part runs and material sizes, making them a perfect fit for SMBs with diverse production needs.

The Power of the 7th Axis

Among the cobot welding systems showcased at Automate 2023, the Spartan 1 Welder stood apart from the rest, boasting a 7-axis robot from Kassow Robots. This additional axis provides an unparalleled level of reach and dexterity. The advantages of the 7th axis are significant, resulting in superior weld quality, increased productivity, and enhanced safety standards. Its extended range given by the extra axis allows for access to challenging, hard-to-reach areas, ensuring precise welds even in complex geometries. The added flexibility of the 7th axis enables efficient adjustment to various welding angles, optimizing the welding process and achieving exceptional results while maintaining torch tip speed throughout complex weld paths.

Technical Excellence: Achieving Superior Welds

The 7th axis in cobot welding systems plays a crucial role in enhancing weld quality. Its ability to maneuver and adapt to different angles enables improved joint accessibility, ensuring consistent penetration and stronger welds. By providing an extended range of motion, the 7th axis allows for superior torch positioning, resulting in precise weld deposition and reduced spatter. Additionally, the increased dexterity of the 7-axis cobot enables the implementation of complex welding techniques, such as weaving or seam tracking, with ease and precision. These technical advantages contribute to welds of exceptional quality, meeting the stringent requirements of various industries.

Realizing Quick ROI for SMBs

Collaborative cobot welding systems are now capable of offering a compelling return on investment for SMBs, enabling them to achieve profitability in a shorter time frame. These systems excel in both high mix low volume part runs and low mix high volume runs, accommodating the versatile production needs of many SMB manufacturers. The ease of programming and setup, coupled with the flexibility and efficiency of cobots, streamlines production processes and reduces downtime. By eliminating the need for extensive retooling or complex programming, SMBs can experience enhanced productivity, minimized labor costs, and improved overall efficiency, resulting in a rapid ROI.

In Summary

Collaborative robot welding systems have revolutionized the manufacturing landscape for SMBs working with metals. The emergence of cobots, equipped with a 7th axis, has propelled the industry forward, offering unprecedented weld quality, flexibility, and a quick return on investment. BlueBay Automation is committed to empowering SMBs with cutting-edge welding solutions, exemplified by the Spartan 1 Welder.   If you would like to see the Spartan 1 Welder in action, or learn more about robotic welding as it may relate to your organization, fill out the form below and our team will be in touch soon!

Collaborative Robot Welding: Empowering SMBs with Automation
BlueBay Automation, LLC, J.T. Wood May 29, 2023
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