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The Spartan Welder: 

Premium Components & Superior Welds - with Competitive Pricing

Experience the flexibility, reliability, and efficiency of a welding solution that’s built just for you.

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The Only 7-Axis Cobot Welder on the Market

The Spartan Welder has the most dexterity and largest workspace of any other robot on the market.  

Elevate your welding operations with Spartan Robotics' premium, customizable automated welding solutions. Our state-of-the-art Spartan Welder combines high-end components and advanced technology to deliver superior performance and unmatched precision. 

Whether you need a ready-to-deploy solution or a custom system tailored to your specific welding requirements, we specialize in creating solutions that fit your unique needs. With customizable options for workpiece size, weld type, and production volume, our welding cells are designed to enhance your productivity and ensure the highest quality welds. 

Why Weld with the Spartan Welder?

Customizable Welding Cells 

We customize our welding cells to match your specific requirements. From workpiece size and geometry and production volume, we tailor every aspect to optimize your welding process. Our systems can handle everything from tight spaces to complex weld patterns, ensuring they fit perfectly into your workflow.

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Premium Components for Superior Welds:

We use the best components in the industry, like those from Fronius, to ensure our welding systems deliver top-notch quality and reliability. With our premium technology, you get precise and consistent welds every time, enhancing your overall production quality.

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 Competitive Pricing

Enjoy the benefits of high-end welding solutions without breaking the bank. Our systems are very competitively priced, offering premium quality at costs inline with standard options. This ensures top performance without exceeding your budget.

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Easy to Use and Maintain

Our welding systems come with user-friendly interfaces and simple programming software. Even if you’re new to robotic welding, you can quickly learn to set up and operate our welders. Plus, our systems need minimal maintenance, which means less downtime and more productivity.

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 Weld in Hard-to-Reach Places

Our 7-axis cobot technology provides enhanced flexibility and precision. This allows our welders to reach complex weld locations effortlessly, navigate around obstacles, and maintain consistent weld quality. The additional axis maximizes workspace utilization, enabling you to cover a greater area without needing extra equipment.

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Always Improving

We are constantly innovating and adding new features based on feedback from welders, operators, production managers, and business owners just like you. By partnering with industry leaders like Bosch Rexroth, Fronius, Dassault Systems, and Kassow Robots, we ensure our welding technology stays ahead of the curve and meets your evolving needs.

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Included with Every Spartan Welder

Spartan Welder

Experience the superior performance and flexibility of the Spartan Welder, featuring cutting-edge Fronius welding components and Kassow 7-Axis robots for accurate and consistent welds.

Spartan Welder Starter Tool Kit

Get started with your Spartan Welder right away, thanks to the included Starter Tool Kit. This kit contains all the essential tools you'll need to set up and begin using your collaborative robot welder.

Lifetime Free Virtual Support

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our team of experts is here to provide you with ongoing virtual support for the lifetime of your Spartan Welder. We're committed to ensuring that you have the assistance you need to maintain optimal performance and efficiency.

Lifetime Free E-Learning Curriculum

Access a comprehensive e-learning curriculum designed to help you master your Spartan Welder. With lifetime free access, you can continually develop your skills and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in robotic welding technology.

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