Premium Components That Set Your Spartan Welder Apart from the Rest

We Build with the Best

When we set out to build the most versatile cobot welding cell offered on the market, we knew we had to choose partners who set the bar higher than the rest.  With that in mind, we selected a new, 7-axis collaborative robot from Kassow Robots and welding components from non other than Fronius.

With what seems like countless advantages when stacked up against other options, these two partners have allowed us to establish the Spartan Welder as a beacon of reliability, flexibility, and quality in the welding sector. 

Below, you'll learn more about those advantages. 

Robots Built to Weld in Tough-to-Reach Places

Discover the true potential of your welding process with the Spartan Welder's 7-Axis cobot system. Our advanced technology takes your welding capabilities to new heights, offering unparalleled flexibility, precision, and efficiency. Experience the benefits of Kassow Robots 7-Axis Cobots and see how they outperforms traditional 6-Axis robots:

Enhanced Flexibility: The 7th axis enables the Spartan Welder to reach complex weld locations effortlessly, improving weld quality and process efficiency. Whether it's a tight spot or an intricate weld pattern, our cobot can handle it with ease.

Better Obstacle Avoidance: Navigating around obstacles is no longer a challenge with the 7-Axis cobot. It effectively reduces collision risks and minimizes downtime, ensuring a smoother and more productive workflow.

Maximized Workspace Utilization: The additional axis expands the cobot's workspace, allowing it to cover a greater area without the need for extra equipment. This saves you valuable space and cost, making the Spartan Welder a smart investment for your welding needs.

Maintains Torch Tip Speed: Consistent welds are crucial for achieving high-quality results. The 7-Axis cobot maintains torch tip speed around intricate geometries, ensuring uniform welds even in areas where traditional 6-Axis robots fall short.

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Fronius Welding Technology

Spartan Robotics proudly incorporates top-of-the-line Fronius welding components, ensuring that our collaborative robot welder delivers exceptional performance and results. Fronius is a leading manufacturer of premium welding equipment, renowned for their innovative technology, high-quality products, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

We chose Fronius as our partner because their welding components are designed to meet the highest industry standards, offering superior weld quality, reliability, and ease of use. By integrating Fronius components into the Spartan Welding system, we provide our customers with an unparalleled welding experience that maximizes productivity and enhances their welding capabilities.

The TPS/i 400 is a versatile and powerful welding package that offers a wide range of applications and multiple options to meet your specific welding needs. With its advanced technology and user-friendly interface, the TPS/i 400 ensures precise and consistent welds for your projects.  Our standard package comes with a power source, push torch, and wire feeder.

Power Source

Fronius power sources are designed for maximum efficiency and reliability, providing a stable welding arc and optimal welding results. Their advanced technology ensures a high level of control and accuracy, enabling you to achieve exceptional weld quality.



The comprehensive features of TPS/i offer many advantages to make your daily routine easier. The high levels of performance and reliability allow for greater productivity, resulting in shorter cycle times.


Fronius torches are known for their durability and performance, offering optimal control and precision for a wide range of welding applications.

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